Boarding Services


 Our kennel program has been customized in such a way

 that it benefits pets ofall shapes, sizes, ages and health

 conditions. Not only do we let our guests out five times

 throughout the day, but we have staff on hand from 6:00am

 to 9:00 pm. We have around-the-clock manger availability

 and our security system provides 24 hour surveillance.

 This allows us to monitor all pets to ensure proper health

 and maintenance - even if they need specialized care

 throughout the day.


 Our facilities are clean. We pride ourselves on the

 maintenance of our kennels and in the use of pet-safe

 products. Our boarding facilities will never smell like

 harsh chemical disinfects; we use a chlorhexidine solution

 which is used as a surgical scrub and topical antiseptic

 antiseptic in hospitals and veterinary clinics! The best part

 about it is that any residue left behind will not harm a pet

 that comes in contact with it, unlike with a chlorine product.



individualized doggie daycare


   •  24 hour security systems

   •  around-the-clock manager availability

   •  fully insulated

   •  heated and air-conditioned

   •  epoxy finish on all cement floors

   •  stainless steel and chain link enclosures

   •  impeccably clean

   •  biscuits at nighttime

   •  fresh water always available

   •  inside/outside runs

   •  large, roomy cages indoors

   •  turned out five times a day

   •  carpet mats, rubber matting and bowels provided

       for kennels - nothing needed from home

   •  a bath will be given prior to leaving for a nominal fee

       (if deemed necessary)

   •  medications (including insulin injections)

       given at a nominal fee




accomdating/flexible hours

   •  $10 per day

   •  $15 per day with activities included


   we provide individualized doggie daycare to protect the

   health of your pets. our friendly staff will be happy to

   explain why that is best


extra services

   •  personal playtime

   •  personal walk


Call for pricing + availability



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