Complete groom includes:

   •  bath w/professional pet care products

   •  no-heat, high velocity dry for fluffier finish

   •  clipped or hand scissored to owners specifications

   •  earhair removed

   •  ears cleaned with medicated ear cleaner

   •  nails ground smooth

   •  all topped off with a bow or bandana and cologne


Optional treatments available:

   •  furminator shedding treatments

   •  flea and specialty shampoos medicated

   •  Oatmeal/including deoderizing


Call for availability and pricing



We require written proof of current vaccinations for dogs:

   •  Rabies, distemper combo (no titer test),

   •  Bordetella (for canine cough).


Recommended vaccinations for dogs:

   •  Canine influenza and lymes


Required vaccinations for cats:

   •  FVRCP and rabies



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